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Cloud Solutions Powered By Veeam

Maximize Availability with Cloud
Connect Backup and Disaster Recovery

An original Platinum Veeam Cloud Service Provider that’s one of the largest and most highly credentialed Veeam Accredited Service Partners, we lead the industry in technical implementation and expertise related to Veeam products.

Cloud Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect

Ransomware, security exploits, and compliance violations are digital threats you can securely mitigate with a data protection strategy. CyberFortress’ Veeam-Powered Cloud Backup solution reduces risk and makes data protection simple and effective.


Dynamically allocated cloud storage based on real-time data performance needs. Hypervisor agnostic, helping avoid vendor lock-in.


Online portal for complete visibility and control with intelligent alerting and management insights.

Disaster Recovery with Veeam Cloud Connect

Ransomware and Insider Protection, your last line of defense against hacker or insider attacks – deleted or expired data isolated in the cloud. Included in our Premium Veeam BaaS Suite, Optional add-on with Pro Plus Veeam BaaS Suite.

Aggressive Recovery Times

Aggressive range of failover and recovery times, customized to your organization’s needs.

One-Click Failover

Recover your full site or a single server to a VMware or Hyper-V environment for disasters or recovery testing.

Archive Storage

Not all data is created equally, so why protect it like it is? All data is important and needs and appropriate level of protection. The key is aligning the level of availability with the value of data.


Policy-based migration of data into tiers of availability will achieve optimal mix of fast recovery vs. longer-term.


Keep data as long as needed and store based on long-term retention requirements.

Microsoft 365 Cloud-To-Cloud Backup

CyberFortress’ Veeam-Powered cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365 reduces risk and addresses unrecognized dangers through simple, secure and effective protection for critical corporate Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint data.


Recover individual mail, contact and calendar items or download an entire mailbox as a PST.


One-click cloud backup with an on-line autonomous portal for reporting, restoring and protection insights.

Credentialed Recovery Professionals

Veeam Vanguard, Veeam Certified Engineers, Veeam Certified Architects, Veeam Accredited Service Provider, VMware vExperts, VMware Certified Associate-Data Virtualization, Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Microsoft Certified System Administrator, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified Professional.

Cloud Solutions, Powered By Veeam

Backup Built for the World’s Best Recovery

Our ultra-secure Backups are made to do one thing: Completely Recover ALL your lost or stolen data–the fastest, easiest, most accurate way ever. To have your business back up and running in 15 minutes if you want it. Because, what used to take multiple vendors, consultants and managers, we give you day ONE:

Four-Step Backup™


Complete Data Map & Inventory


Custom Data Recovery Plan


The Fortress to Secure Your Data


Continuous Readiness  Reporting

Rapid Recovery Force™


24/7 LIVE Disaster Recovery HOTLINE


Credentialed Recovery Specialists


100% Dedicated Recovery Team


Recovery in 15 Minutes or Less

Enforced By The Recovery People

CyberFortress’ greatest strength is its people. From mobile to mainframe, our comprehensive services are enforced by highly-trained experts and access to a real human for support, 24×7.

Can We Back That Up?

Interested but want some proof? Interest in a free consultation with a real recovery specialist? You’re our kind of customer. Schedule now. We’d welcome the opportunity to show how we can back it all up and make your life easier!
Veeam Cloud & Service Provider Platinum
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