Turbo Recovery Appliance

A simple, speedy recovery solution when downtime isn’t an option

Enhanced Server Backup & Recovery Software with Ultra-fast Restore

Easy to deploy and manage, this compact rapid recovery appliance ensures you can get back to business in minutes.

Fast recovery

Enables 60x faster restore than T1, with speeds up to 60 Gb per hour


A max 2U footprint that won’t tax your IT infrastructure

Simple to use

Intuitive remote management console with self-service recovery options for employees

Personal support

Access to a human being for quick problem resolution 24x7

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Small Office

Perfect for offices that don’t have a lot of space in the IT closet, but also can’t tolerate downtime. No technical expertise required to recover data in seconds.

Small-to-Mid-Sized Business (SMB)

While CyberFortress Server Backup & Recovery stores all of your backup data in a highly secure, offsite data fortress, the Turbo Recovery Appliance keeps backups cached locally so you can recover critical data at super speed.

Mid-Sized Enterprise

So easy to install you won’t need to send IT resources to remote offices to set it up. And so easy to manage that you can recover data at super speed for any location no matter where you are  located.

“CyberFortress boasts best-in-class data protection and deduplication technology, which maximizes data protection onsite, offsite, and in virtualized environments. Our CyberFortress Managed Service, combined with CyberFortress ease-of-use, leverages the IT staff’s ability to spend more time on critical issues, instead of chasing after data hidden somewhere on a tape in the bank.”
Dan Dugal
CEO, Remote Data Backups, Morgan County

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Enforced by the Recovery People

CyberFortress’ greatest strength is its people. From mobile to mainframe, our comprehensive services are enforced by highly-trained experts, and access to a real human for support, 24×7.

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